Sunday, March 1, 2009

Jamaican Jerk Chicken Pizza

This recipe is inspired by a CPK (California Pizza Kitchen) recipe. I love CPK and would eat there daily if I could afford it. But, since I can't I try my best to replicate my favorite recipes at home. I used Kraft BBQ sauce as the base for the sauce because I have a ton of it and am trying to dress it up and use it in lots of different recipes. Here I add the traditional jerk spices of cloves, cinnamon and especially allspice in addition to molasses (to make it riches and sweeter) and hot sauce (to add spice, of course). The result is a sauce that has all the same flavor elements as traditional Jamaican jerked chicken.

The CPK version also has roasted yellow bell peppers (in addition to the red) but those are twice as expensive as the red so I decided to omit them.

I originally planned to make this pizza on the grill, but mother nature was not cooperating and I decided that rain simply wouldn't be a good addition to my pizza. But, you can grill this in the same manner I did the San Diego pizza.

To see the recipe, visit my food for frugal foodie blog here.

BBQ sauce - On sale at Smith's for $.88, used $1.00 - total Free

Allspice, Cinnamon, Cloves - in pantry, approximate total - $.25

Hot sauce - $.89 / bottle at Walmart, used $.50 coupon, total for bottle - $.39, used 2 Tbs - total $.08

Molasses - in pantry, approximate total - $.25

Juice of 1 orange - $.33 at Walmart (I used the zest in another recipe - I always use the whole orange)

Chicken - $1.69 / lb at Buy Low, total - $1.00

Vegetable oil - approximate total $.10

Red Bell Pepper - $.99 at Walmart

Green onions -$.50 at Walmart, used 3 - total - $.15

Mozzarella cheese - $2.09 for 8 oz bag at Target, used $1.00 printable coupon and $1/2 Target coupon - total $.59 for 8 oz, used 12oz - total $.89

Refrigerated pizza crust - $1.25 at Walmart, used $.55 coupon - total $.75

Cornmeal - in pantry, approximate total - $.25

Grand Total - $5.04 for 4 servings, $1.26 for each serving

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