Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Summer's Simple Pleasures


(Fred may or may not be mocking me here)

Fruit! Watermelon, Cantaloupe, Berries, Pineapple, Plums, Peaches, Cherries - I love them all! And so does Grant

Days at the Park - this is Hunter coming down the slide

Feeding the Ducks

Sun and Water

I am truly loving the summer! It is so fun to re-live your childhood summer days with your children. Eating frozen Capri Suns, drawing with chalk, running in sprinklers, playing at the park etc. It is so carefree, and makes me feel like a kid again. I so need to move back to San Diego where we get a lot more mileage out of our summers (being that summer blends into fall and spring). But, for the time being, we're making the most of the wonderful weather while it's here.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen Review

Don't waste your time or money!

How's that for a short, to the point review? Really, I should be telling myself "I told you so!" I hate summer action movies and I thought the first Transformers was lame, so I don't know why I went to see the second one.

Here's the rational behind my decision to see this movie. We had free movie tickets and my husband and I were really wanting to get out of the house by ourselves, so we decided to use our freebies. There were only a few options that we were even considering. I checked out Entertainment Weekly to see what they rated everything and Transformers actually got a B! I thought, hey, maybe it won't be that bad. So, we decided to see it.

My confidence in, and a little of my love for Entertainment Weekly has been decreased. They haven't steered me wrong before and I am sorely disappointed in them.
If you do happen to like mindless action, over glorified CGI, explosions, gags geared toward pubescent boys, and contrived plots, then this movie's for you. If not, find a better way to spend your money.

A note to Michael Bay: We know you can make movies with endless CGI, explosions, sexy women etc. Why don't you man up and make a movie that is actually smart. Spend a little less money on CGI and TNT and buy yourself some good writers that will give you intelligent, intricate plots and 3 dimensional characters. Summer action movies do not have to be mind-less dribble, Dark Knight proved that. Please make better movies!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

They're Back!

Another week of obsessive grocery shopping is ahead of me. There are great sales and double coupons this week at Albertson's.

Today I got:
And a bottle of Spray 'n Wash that was hiding under a chair.
I did this in 2 trips and spent $17.50! Original price $74.46. Oh Yeah!

I plan on going back a few more times throughout the rest of the week to snag a few things for free (salad dressing, pasta, gum, pretzels, ice cream). How I love double coupons!
And just so you don't think that our family lives on junk, here's what I got at Buy Low this morning:
1 Seedless Watermelon
1 Cantaloupe
4 Fuji apples
4 peaches
2 lbs Strawberries
1 bunch celery
1 lb carrots
1 bunch Green Onions
1 Cucumber
3 crowns broccoli
1 head lettuce
4 onions
All for $10.37! I love Buy Low's Wednesday produce deals - it's always a madhouse there (especially when I'm trying to maneuver one of the car shopping carts) - but it's so worth it.

Blogging in Comfort

As I type this I am sitting in our recliner which is situated right in front of our desktop computer at the desk. Now, this came about because our old desk chair was the most uncomfortable chair ever made. I bought it 10 years ago, while I was in college, and my main requisite for every purchase was: it's cheap! On top of that it broke a little while ago and while we fixed it more or less (my hubby's handy!) the back is still a little crooked, which does nothing to help it's comfort factor.

Between blogging, facebook, coupon / deal blogs, TV shows, e-mail etc I've been spending a lot of time in that uber-uncomfortable chair.

One day I decided enough was a enough. I drug our recliner over to the desk, pulled the lever, placed the keyboard in my lap and was in heaven.

Yes, it looks bizarre to have a recliner pulled up to a desk. Yes, everyone who comes over questions us about it. And yes, it's a little weird. But, it sure beats forking over a couple hundred dollars to get a nice, comfortable office chair. It works for us.

I'm participating in Works for Me Wednesdays over at We are THAT Family.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Old Navy Shopping Spree

Today was an exciting day in our little house. Both Fred and I scored $75 off $100 coupons from oldnavyweekly.com! We went to Old Navy after dinner and had a great time shopping. Fred really needed new clothes - he has worn a hole in the knee of his only pair of jeans (too much rough housing with Hunter :o) And he only had 1 pair of shorts and a handful of shirts. On top of the coupons, all men's clothing is half off right now, so he really scored. He got:

2 pairs of jeans, 1 pair of khaki cargo pants, 1 pair of khaki cargo shorts, 1 pair of swim trunks, 3 polo shirts, 1 t shirt, 1 athletic shirt...

all for $32.59! (Original price $213.09)

I didn't need clothes as badly as Fred, but I did still need some - I've been sleeping in sweats (which is hot!) and only have about 7 shirts that fit my still-nursing-post-pregnancy body. Here's what I got:

3 shirts, 1 pair of shorts, 1 pair of capris, 1 pair of yoga shorts, 1 pair of sandals...

all for $30.72! (Originally $113.97)

In total we spent $63.31 on $327.06 worth of merchandise. Now that feels good.

Getting the coupons was really easy this week thanks to a wonderful blog: Thrifty Northwest Mom. She has a chat room up on her site that people use on the days that the coupons will re-set. She has a bunch of regular readers that she's made moderators and have the ability to ring a bell when the coupons reset on oldnavyweekly.com. She even has people stationed on military bases around the world as moderators so that there's always people awake, in case the coupons reset in the middle of the night (which has happened). You just leave your computer on with the volume up and you'll hear the bell when the site is up.

A bunch of her readers also have an add-on for Mozilla Firefox called check for change. It will check a website every 15 seconds to see if it's changed and will notify you when it does.

And there's also a website that has a picture of part of the coupon site that changes 1-5 minutes before the actual coupon site loads (the link isn't working now, but just change the number in the url to "17" and that'll be next weeks media page). So, people monitor that site and when it changes you know the coupons will be up soon. Today they rang the bell when the media site changed, which gave us all time to RUN to our computers (it was quite hysterical really). And then when the site is up, people post in the chat room where the coupons are located, in case you're having a hard time finding them yourself.

Really it is all the most amazing system - it means that you don't have to sit in front of your computer hitting F5 repeatedly - you can go about your life and you'll be notified when the site is up. This all may seem totally over board and completely crazy, but we're not talking about any old coupons here - these are amazing, high value coupons that we're able to get because of this whole set up. If you haven't jumped on the crazy train yet, you should - it's a lot of fun and you get amazing deals out of it. I've done this for a few weeks now, and have used a lot of different sites to help me out and this week has been the easiest by far. If you want to get in on these amazing coupons, you really should check out the Thrift NW mom blog - it's the best way to go.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

My Little Boy Does a Frugal Momma Proud

Yesterday, Hunter and I were in the back yard grilling some cantaloupe for dinner (yum!). There was a small plastic plate that was accidentally left out there after our last picnic and when our landlord came to mow (on their big riding mowers) they shredded it up a bit. Hunter found the plate and said "Oh, no. Momma we need to fix this".

This comment may not seem all that remarkable, but I was so proud of him - rather than saying we need to throw the broken disposable plate away (and in turn get a new one), his first thought was to fix it. That's right! We don't just throw away broken things in our house - we fix them up and make them work!

I almost didn't want to explain to him that we weren't going to fix this plate and that it just needed to be thrown away. Hopefully I haven't derailed my own teachings.

Fix it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without! Thanks for being a good example my little man.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Going with the Flow - a Laundry Schedule that Revolves Around...

Bed wetting :o)

My 3 year old has been potty trained for several months now. However he still has occasional accidents at nap time (we still put him diapers at night). My old laundry schedule "dictated" that I wash sheets on Thursdays and I did just that, every Thursday. I like doing 1 load of laundry a day and I like having a schedule to work with. And I really like clean sheets.

But, after being frustrated too many times when my son decided to have a nap time bed wetting accident right after I washed his sheets, I decided that my laundry schedule would now revolve around him. If he happens to wet his bed, I'll wash his sheets right then and there. And I'll wait to wash them until it happens again - whether it be 2 days or 2 weeks.

Eventually he'll get better at this and I'll go back to my normal schedule, but for right now it's much easier to just go with it and not try to swim upstream. It works for me.
I'm participating in Works for Me Wednesdays at We Are That Family (which is a hilarious blog, btw)

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

BYU Museum of Art

This weekend my sister and brother-in-law were in town from San Diego. Our original plan for Saturday was to spend it at Veteran's Memorial Pool. But, the thunderstorms derailed those plans, so we came up with a plan B and decided to got museum hopping on campus.

We started at the Museum of Art, which has a couple of really fun exhibits right now. The first is by Walter Wick - creator of the I Spy books (and other fun things too). We had such a great time looking at all of his work - finding all of the hidden stuff, trying to figure out the optical illusions etc. His work is so whimsical, enchanting and delightful - you feel like a kid again. Hunter was pretty entertained by it all too. He is a little young to fully appreciate it - but a lot of the paintings contained objects that he knew, so he had a fun time helping us find things too. This exhibit will be at the MOA until August 1st.

The second exhibit that we spent some time in is the Dan Steinhilber exhibit. He's a modern artist that creates sculptures out of everyday objects, like hangers, balloons, pipes, trash bags, and duck sauce packets. He had some pretty cool stuff. Our favorite was the packing peanuts with the floor fans - it looked really cool. Hunter loved it. The problem is that the fans don't blow all the time - there is a schedule posted on the wall that says when they're supposed to turn on. The girl in the gift shop told us to ask the guard to turn them on so we could see it and not wait around for the next time. Well, it turns out that my brother knew where the button was, so he turned them on for us. And then we got yelled at by the security guard - he was really grouchy - I doubt he would've turned it on for us even if we asked. When this happened it was only a couple minutes from when they were supposed to be on, so we hung around until that time. Well, the time came and went with no fans, so we moved on. Right as we were leaving the exhibit the guard walked back in, waited until we were gone and then turned on the fans. So mean! He was on a serious power trip. I tried to run back in with Hunter so he could see it, but the fans had already turned off. Aside from the obnoxious security guard, we thought the exhibit was pretty cool. This exhibit will be at the MOA until August 22nd.

I love going to the MOA because 1) it's Free! and 2) they always have great exhibits and I always have such a great time. If you're looking for a fun and cheap way to beat the heat (in our case, beat the rain) this summer, you should really check out these exhibits. Just watch out for grumpy security guards.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Albertson's Doublers

Here's what I got with my delightful Albertson's "Twice the Value" coupons:

Original price: $15.42

I paid: $2.24!

I heart Walgreens (6/15/09)

The late night / early morning employees at Walgreens and I are BFFs :o). They are so nice and are always so happy to see me. And I'm always happy to see them - my morning just isn't quite right when someone else is working. Which is not always the case - I know a lot of Walgreens employees who hate working Mondays (not Sundays, we're in Utah) because it brings in all of the coupon shoppers. There are some seriously deranged coupon shoppers out there who seem to think that anything they can do to get a deal is o.k. even if it is outright stealing. Like buying items, getting the Register Rewards, returning the items and keeping the RRs! That really happens - I can't believe some one would stoop that low. I think the Walgreens employees are happy to see me because I am courteous to them, I follow the rules, I keep my transactions small (in size and number), and I don't get greedy. Today, when my cashier handed me a $3 RR after I only spent $1.73 he told me that he's always happy to see me turn a profit. He's just that nice! I think I'll write a e-mail to Walgreens corporate office letting them know just how much I like these guys.

Anyways, here's what I got:

I spent $1.73, the total retail price of this is $16.05. Plus, I have $3 Register Rewards to use later. I had actually planned to get a couple more things, but after receiving our ad yesterday I realized that a lot of the sales weren't going on in our area - bummer! I need to stop planning my shopping trips based on the full ad scans on-line because we never get the full ad here.

Sunday, June 14, 2009


Let the fun begin!!!!!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Netflix Rocks!

Okay, I know we're like a century behind the rest of the world, but we just signed up for Netflix. It's just a free 1 month trial and we probably won't be keeping it after that. So, we are determined to get our money's worth! :o) We waited until Fred was done with the LSAT so that we would be able to veg out as much as possible.

It has been so fun. We received our first movies today (we requested them Monday night) - that's less than 2 days handling time. What's the first movie we received? The Devil Wears Prada, which is being watched as I type. Which should give you a clue as to who requested it (not Amber) and who's watching it (not Amber). :o) Silly, silly.

And there are hundreds of movies and TV shows that you can stream on-line, in addition to the movies you get in the mail. We're going to try to watch the first 2 seasons of Heros (the 3rd is available on Hulu).

I have a feeling there's going to be a whole lotta nothing going on at our house during the next month. If you wanna get in on the vegging with us, we have another free month offer code I can send ya.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Albertson's Double Coupon Wrap Up

It is a sad day for me - the end of Albertson's Double Coupons Week. Yes, there will be occasional double coupons in the newspaper, but nothing like this week, where they were right there, in the add, and I could get more each time I went to the store.

At the end of this week, we spent $26.06 on $169.71 worth of groceries (56 items)! I am totally spoiled now, regular old coupon shopping will be pretty boring now. To be honest, some of it was spent on frivolous things like pudding and crackers. But, that's one of the perks of coupon shopping - you can afford to get those non-essentials because you are paying pennies on the dollar for them. Fred is now in 7th heaven because we have so much snack food in our house. We never used to have any snack food in our house - we couldn't afford it. But, now that were using coupons (in combination with sales) we can really load up on the junk :/ Which I don't really like, but it does make me happy to see Fred so happy.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Family Temple Outing

Yesterday, after naps and dinner, we went to the temple as a family to walk around. It was so wonderful. We are definitely going to make it a regular event for our family.

Speaking of temples, we need to get tickets to see the Oquirrh Mountain Temple. We had a great time going to the Draper, UT temple open house, although I wish Hunter had been a little more reverent. We'll work on it before going this next time. I know Hunter won't remember much about the Open House, but hopefully he will remember how he felt and all this exposure to temples will be the beginning of his testimony. We are so blessed to live near so many temples - I want to be sure to make the most of it while we're living here.


Right now, Fred is taking the LSAT. He's been preparing on and off for months - juggling work and family time with LSAT studying is hard (especially when he owns his own business). He was so excited to go take it today, he was ready to go about an hour early and was getting so antsy waiting :o). I know he'll do great. Luckily, if he's not happy with his score, he still has 2 more chances to take it before the next admission deadline. Good Luck babe!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Celebrating SAHMs

I haven't quite finished this book, yet, but I wanted to tell everyone how much I love it! My wonderful mom gave it to me for Mother's Day (perfect gift, I'd say). It really celebrates being a stay at home mom. Every time I open it up and read it I feel so inspired, motivated, uplifted, grateful, honored, blessed, important etc. I read a little each day and it gives me just what I need to carry on through the all of the stress, chaos, monotony etc that is part of life as a stay at home mom. I absolutely love this book. I will probably read it over and over again. Anytime I feel like I just can't make it, I'll pick it up and find the word of encouragement to help me get through the day. I highly recommend every SAHM read this book - it will remind you that you have the best job in the whole world!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Got Cheese?

There have been deals galore on cheese lately and I don't know about you, but I have a ton of cheese in my house right now. If you want a tasty way to use up some of that cheese, visit here for a yummy twist on a traditional grilled cheese sandwich.

Waffle Breakfast Sandwiches

Here's another recipe that uses the phenomenally priced frozen Kashi waffles. My inspiration for this sandwich was the McGriddle at McDonald's - which is pretty darn tasty. My version is a lot nicer on the wallet and waistline. See the recipe here.

Kashi 7 Grain Waffles - on Price Cut at Target for $1.77, used $1.50 coupon here - total $.22 / box (6 waffles), total for 2 waffles - $.07 (*This deal is still going on!*)

Kraft Sharp Cheddar Cheese - $2.09 for 8 oz bag at Target, used $1.00 printable coupon and $1/2 Target coupon - total $.59 for 8 oz, used 1 oz - total $.07

Oscar Mayer Deli Sliced Ham - on Price Cut at Target for $2.99 each, used $.75 printable coupon, and $1 / 2 Target Coupon - total $1.74, used 4 slices - total $.23

Maple Syrup - $1.75 / bottle at Walmart, used Tablespoon - total - $.04

Egg - $.50 / dozen medium at Walmart (price matched from Buy Low), used 1 - total $.04

Grand Total for 1 serving: $.45!!!!!

Don't think that you can only have this sandwich for breakfast. We have stuff like this all the time for dinner. Pair it with some sweet potatoes hash and fruit and it's a very balanced meal.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Cucumber Cantaloupe Chicken Salad

Our family loves this salad - Fred was so excited when he saw what we were having for dinner tonight. I love it because, well it's tasty, but also because I can do the actual cooking (of the chicken) at night and I don't heat up the house during the day time. Get the recipe here.

Here's how the cost breaks down:

Chicken - $1.79 / lb, about $1.08 / chicken breast, used 3 - total $3.24
Cantaloupe - $.20 / lb at Buy Low - total $.57

Cucumber - $.59 each at Smith's

Yogurt - used Yoplait Yo+, $2.69 / 4, used $1.00 coupon here, used $1.00 cellfire coupon - total $.69 for 4, used 2, total - $.35

Mayonnaise - $1.99 at Target, used $1.00 coupon and $1.00 Target Coupon here - total Free

Tarragon - approximate cost $.50

Sourdough Bread - $1.99 at Smith's = $.15 / slice, used 4 - total $0.60

Grand Total - $5.85 for 4 servings, $1.46 for each serving

One Note - this salad does not keep well, so only make what you'll eat right away.

If you only had $0.60 to spend at the gorcery store...

What could you get?

Could you get this:

YOU could, if you combined sales with coupons and doubled those coupons. YOU could do this too.

btw, regular price of this is $15.04.

Keeping Kids Entertained at the Gorcery Store

My kids and I have been spending some extra time in grocery stores lately and while, we've never had any meltdowns, I thought I'd pass a long some tips and tricks to keeping your kids happy while you're shopping. Some I've used myself, and others I haven't, but think they're great ideas. Several of these came from Family Fun magazine (you should check it out)

1. Create a shopping list just for your kids. I did this for Hunter and he enjoys using it for about 10 minutes and then he's done. But, if your kids are older, and have longer attention spans, they will probably enjoy it more.

2. Give them each a small amount of money to buy a treat for themselves. Encourage them to weigh their options and pick the best deal (not just the first thing they see)

3. Make a grocery store scavenger hunt with a small prize for the person that finds everything first. (The items on the scavenger hunt list don't have to be items on your grocery list - make it tricky)

4. Have them talk to Grandma while you're walking through the store.

5. If your kids are little and still riding in the cart, go to the library first and pick out a new book that they can look at while shopping.

6. If your kids are older, make it into a competition. Divide the list in half and have a race to see who can finish first. Just make sure your list is very explicit so that the kids know exactly what you're looking for.

7. Play the alphabet game (like you do on road trips). Find labels that start with every letter, from A-Z. Have them work as a team, there will be less bickering that way.

8. Involve your kids in planning and cooking meals. When they have a say in what's going in the cart (and on the table), they'll be much more interested in shopping.

9. Involve your kids. Have them run the calculator. Ask them what flavors they want. Make one of them the list master and call out the next item on the list.

10. Take time to discuss nutrition as you go. As you grab something, talk about what food group is belongs in, what nutritional benefits it has etc.

There are probably many more great ideas out there, these are just a few to get you thinking. Keep changing things up - kids love new games and activities. When I am shopping by myself with the kids, I always go in the morning. The stores are slow and the checkers haven't been working very long. So everyone is a lot happier and more tolerant when it takes 5 minutes to unload the cart because my son insists on doing it himself. I also plan everything out before hand, that way I'm not standing in the aisle trying to decide what to get and trying to keep the kids happy too. Plus, when you plan everything out, you'll spend less time in the store, which is always helpful.

Remember that emotions are contagious. If you're not happy to be grocery shopping, your kids won't be happy either (and you'll be even unhappier because of it). If you decide to make it something fun, it will be. There will always be highs and lows (as always), but you can maximize the highs and minimize the lows.

Free Fish Tacos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As a San Diego girl, I was practically raised on Rubio's Fish Tacos. Every time I'm home, Rubio's is one of the mandatory stops. I pretty much love everything on their menu. Being that the nearest Rubio's is 15 minutes away, in American Fork, and that we generally don't eat out, we rarely go. But, this Saturday, June 6th, from 3:00pm - 6:00pm they are giving away a free fish taco to every customer! I can't wait!

Check locations here

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Strawberry Pecan Chicken Salad Sandwich

I got the inspiration for this sandwich from the Strawberry Fields salad at TGIFridays. Since strawberries were so cheap this week, I wanted to incorporate them into a meal, and not just eat them on the side. So, this is what I came up with - you can find the recipe here.

Strawberries - $.88 / lb at Walmart (only $.99 at Buy Low this week) - total $.88

Pecans - $1.26 / bag at Walmart

Green Onions - $.50 at Walmart, used 4 - total $.20

Mayonnaise - Price $1.99, used $1 coupon and $1 Target coupon here - total FREE!

Balsamic Vinaigrette- on Price Cut at Target for $1.59, used $1 coupon and $.50 Target coupon - total $.09, used 2 Tbs - basically FREE

Sourdough Bread - $1.99 at Smith's = $.15 / slice, used 8 - total $1.20

Lettuce - $1.49 at Smith's, used 8 leafs - total $.50

Grand Total - $4.04 for 4 servings, $1.01 for each serving

One note - the chicken salad does not keep well for the next day (the pecans loose their crunch and the strawberries get mushy and turn everything pink). So, only make what you'll eat right away.

Inaugural Albertson's Double Coupon Shopping

Today was the first time that I've used Albertson's Double Coupons and boy was it exciting and exhausting at the same time. I think I did pretty well for myself. Check it out:

My total for all this: $10.16!!!!! Regular Price: $74.25. How awesome is that?! I've heard rumors that Albertson's will be placing double coupons in their ads for the next 4 weeks. It makes me tired just thinking about it.

After a day like today, I really regret all the years of paying full price for groceries - I could have saved so much money over the years. Oh well, lesson learned, and moving on.

I also went to Buy Low today and got this:

for $13.20! If you haven't been to Buy Low on a Wednesday morning for their produce deals you should really check it out. But be warned - half the city of Provo is there scoring deals too. It is busy! But, they are usually very well stocked and are ready for the crowds.

Stay tuned for some yummy recipes using some of the ingredients I scored today...

Oh, and check out other Albertson's Double deals at Krazy Coupon Lady.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Blueberry Waffles with Lemon Curd, Hashbrowns and Cheesy Eggs

I love having breakfast for dinner. We do this 2-3 times a month with all different types of yummy breakfast foods. This one is admittedly one of our more simple ones, but I wanted to highlight some of the great deals that I got recently. Get the recipe here.

Kashi Waffles - on Price Cut at Target for $1.77, used $1.50 coupon here - total $.22 / box (6 waffles), total for 8 waffles - $.29 (*This deal is still going on!*)

Hash browns - on sale at Smith's for $.99 (30 oz bag) - total $.99

Eggs - on Roll Back at Walmart for $1.00 / dozen, used 8 - total $.66

Pepper jack cheese - $2.09 for 8 oz bag at Target, used $1.00 printable coupon and $1/2 Target coupon - total $.59 for 8 oz, used 1/3 - total $.19

Lemons - $1.90 / bag at Walmart, used 4 - total $.76

Eggs - on Roll Back at Walmart for $1.00 / dozen, used 5 - total $.42

Sugar - purchased 10lb bag at Macey's for $9.99 - cost of 1 cup - $.26

Butter - $2.14 / lb at Walmart, used 1/2 stick - total - $.27

Green Onions - $.50 at Walmart, used 3 - total $.15

Salt, pepper, and oil - negligible cost

Grand Total - $3.99 for 4 servings, $1 for each serving

A few notes...

Making lemon curd is so easy and so much cheaper than buying it in the store (I think it's like $3 for a small jar) I happened to have lemons and egg yolks left over from some cupcakes (one recipe needed egg whites, and I hate wasting food!) and decided that lemon curd would go great with the blueberry waffles and would dress them up a little. The British often put lemon curd on blueberry scones at tea time. While, a frozen blueberry waffle is no scone, it is still really tasty! Fred said it tasted like lemon meringue pie :o)

It is so much cheaper to make hash browns from scratch, using real potatoes (especially with potatoes being so cheap at Smith's right now). But they are a lot of work, and since the frozen ones were so cheap, I decided it was worth it to save myself a little time and energy.

This really isn't a nutrient dense meal. Pair it with a green smoothie to get a good helping of fruits and veggies.

Walgreens and Rite Aid Deals

This morning, at Walgreens, I got:

I paid $9.95. I will submit for a $6.99 rebate on the shampoo. So, this all cost me $2.96. Plus I got 2 $2 Register Rewards that I can use later. Regular price on all this is: $30.75.

Even if you don't really shop at Walgreens, you should head in this week. The Organix shampoo is buy one get one free and there are still a bunch that have try me free hangers. So, you could get 2 free bottles of shampoo or conditioner. We really like this shampoo and Fred was excited that I was able to snag some more.

I also got this at Rite Aid:

I paid $15.85. I will also get $15 back in rebates and a bag filled with $40 worth of samples through Rite Aid's single check rebate programs. So, this cost me $.85! Regular price on this is $37.96.

Free Burt's Bees

Burt's Bees is giving away 25,000 lip balms in 25 days! They are giving out 1,000 each day. Go here to sign up. The give away could start anytime between 9 a.m EDT and 12 noon EDT, so keep checking back to see if it has started. If you miss it today - you can always try again tomorrow.
I got one today!