Sunday, March 1, 2009

Deviled Egg Salad Sandwich

Deviled eggs happen to be one of my favorite guilty pleasures in the kitchen. I absolutely love Easter time because I turn all of my kids died Easter eggs into deviled eggs and I devour them. The rest of the house is lucky they if they get any. I don't make them very often because they're not the healthiest of dishes and I have no self control. But, when I got a killer deal on eggs and bread earlier this week, my first thought was deviled egg salad sandwiches. It's a little healthier, in that there are veggies and whole grain bread in the mix. Here's what I spent on this recipe. If you want to see the recipe, visit my other blog here.

Bread - $.88 / loaf at Buy Low, used 8 - total - $.35
Eggs - $.88 / dozen at But Low, used 8 - total - $.59
Kraft Mayonnaise - $1.99 at Target, used $1.00 off coupon, and $1 off Target coupon here - total - Free!!!
Tomatoes - $.99 / lb at Buy Low, used 2 - total - $.44
Lettuce - $1.49 at Smith's, used 4 leafs - approximate total - $.40
Onion powder, garlic powder, salt, pepper, dill, mustard, paprika - had in pantry, approximate total - $1.00

Grand Total - $3.13 for 4 servings, $.78 for each serving

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