Sunday, March 1, 2009

Mango Peach Quesadillas

In our house, we love to eat quesadillas for dinner. But, we're not talking plain cheese quesadillas. We love to throw all sorts of things into our quesadillas - a lot of them aren't even Mexican ingredients. Quesadillas are great because they're very inexpensive, versatile and they're great for kids - easy to eat and easy for you to hide healthy ingredients under layers of cheese if you have picky eaters.

This recipe is pretty simple, but tasty. My method (of blending all the ingredients together) may seem a little odd, but it works. I got the idea from Rachael Ray (these quesadillas are really good too!) and it works well when you want to incorporate a lot of extra ingredients into your quesadillas. I used black beans as a protein in this recipe because they're very inexpensive and so good for you. The Mango Peach salsa is my favorite salsa of all time - seriously, I love it (in fact, I pretty much planned my wedding reception around it, but that's a whole other story).

You can find the recipe here

Here's what I spent on it:

Tortillas - $2.03 / 10 at Walmart, used $.35 coupon - total for 10 - $1.68, used 12 - total - $2.02

Black Beans - bought at Smith's case lot sale - $.38 / can

Mango Peach Salsa - $2.50 at Walmart for 16oz, used 8oz - total - $1.25

Cheese - $2.09 at Target, used $1.00 coupon and $1 / 2 Target coupon - total - $.59

Sour Cream - $1.00 / 8oz at Walmart, used $.50 coupon - total - $.50

Grand Total - $4.74 for 6 servings, $.79 for each serving.

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