Saturday, March 14, 2009

Loaves and Fishes

We have our own little Loaves and Fishes miracles going on at our house. Money has been very tight lately and I've found myself praying a lot that we'll be able to get by. And the Lord is answering our prayers in many ways. Here's just a couple.

First, we have not bought diapers since the end of December! How have they lasted this long? I couldn't tell you. And we'll probably have enough to get through this month. 3 months from 1 box of diapers (it is a Sam's Club box, so it's big, but still). What?!

Second, over a month ago our printer said that it was out of black ink and that we needed to replace the cartridge. The little picture showed the ink level at 0. But, there's always more ink in the cartridge after it says this so we don't replace it until it stops printing completely. We have been printing and printing and printing and printing and there is still black ink. I have printed zillions of on-line coupons and recipes. Fred has printed who knows how much stuff for his business. Somehow we have not needed to replace the cartridge.

I say it's a miracle :o)

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