Monday, May 4, 2009

Spring Cleaning Party Day 1

Today, in the Spring Cleaning Blog Party was the clean sweep. Basically, get all the junk out of the way so that it will be easier to get in a get things clean later on.

It took me a few hours today to go through the whole house and straighten things out. Here's some before and after pictures:

There are no pictures of my husbands desk because there was no way I was tackling that! He is going to take care of it sometime himself, but he's so busy, that I don't know when that will actually happen.

This is our end table next to our sofa that becomes a catchall for everything - it's a constant battle to keep it clear.

This is one side of Grant's room (the messy side). I've been in the process of switching clothes around for the change in weather, but it's taken about a month because the weather has been so crazy. But, all the winter stuff is now packed away and hopefully our little guy won't freeze when we get a freak snow storm a month from now :)

These are all of the boxes that we've been hording lately. They used to be in our back storage room, but Fred needed room for all his tools in there. So he moved them to our bedroom :/ But, they're now nested and tucked away in our very cavernous closet. It would be nice to just get rid of them, but we're still in a transient stage in our lives and we will need them when we move again.

I wish I had a good reason for this mess - I don't. I just really like to use the floor as a shelf and a lot of things end up there :/

This is our entryway - despite how narrow it is, it is really hard to keep clear. There always seems to be a huge pile of stuff barricading the door.

After going through all this, I had a few bags of trash and a bag of stuff to give away. It feels great to declutter a little and get things in order (a constant battle). I also baby-proofed a few things as I went - Grant is nearly crawling and it won't be long before he's into everything.

To be honest today was pretty exhausting. I was up early to go to Walgreens and was by myself with the kids from sun-up to sun-down. I'm spent! But, the next 2 days I'm tackling the living room which should be easy. Not only is it pretty small, but we just re-arranged all the furniture and when we did, we cleaned under and behind everything. So, there isn't a lot of deep cleaning that needs to be done - yay! Despite the tiring day, I'm still feeling motivated to get this done and get our house CLEAN! I know come tomorrow, with a good night's sleep behind me, I'll be ready to go.

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