Thursday, May 28, 2009

BLTTA Sandwiches

As a child, my mom let us chose anything we wanted to have for our dinner on our birthday. I remember many years choosing to have BLT sandwiches. I absolutely love them. This one is healthier and kicked up a couple notches in flavor. Check out the recipe here

Bread - $1.73 at Walmart = $.09 / slice, used 8 - total $.72

Jenny-O Turkey Bacon - $2.00 at Walmart = $.09 / slice, used 8 - total - $.72

Lettuce - $1.49 at Smith's, used 4 leafs - approximate total $0.25

Roma Tomatoes - $.33 / lb at Walmart, total for 2 tomatoes - $0.14

Oscar Mayer Sliced Turkey - on Price Cut at Target for $2.99 each, used $.75 printable coupon, and $1 / 2 Target Coupon - total $1.74

Avocado - on sale at Walmart for $.50 each, used 2 - total $1.00

Pickles - had them in the fridge, I diced up one spear, that's gotta only cost about $.20

Green Onions - $.50 at Walmart, used 1 - total $.05

Grand Total - $4.82 for 4 servings, $1.20 for each serving

A few notes...

I used turkey bacon (and no mayonnaise for that matter) to make the sandwich healthier. I know turkey bacon is nothing like real bacon, but the sandwich is so tasty, that you don't really miss it (well, maybe a teensy, tiny bit :o)

Walmart consistently has really cheap price on avocados. However, they are almost always under ripe and sometimes over ripe - they are never perfectly ripe and ready to eat that day. So, buy them under ripe - green and hard. Avocados ripen up beautifully after they've been picked. You just have to plan ahead and not have your heart set on eating them the day you get them. Sometimes, I'll place them in my fruit bowl next to bananas, which emit pheromones that speed ripening. When stored at room temperature, the avocados will be ready to eat in a few days. If they ripe and you're not ready to eat them yet, put them in the fridge - this really slows them down and they'll be good for a while in there (probably up to a week).

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