Monday, May 11, 2009

Folic Acid at Walgreens

So, I wasn't planning to go to Walgreens today because their sale this week is LAME, but, I needed to pick up my free 8x10 and so I decided to go today. I got my picture (it turned out great!) and decided to peruse the aisles to see if they had any amazing clearance items. And boy did they! They had Peanut Butter for $.87, a bunch of vitamins all discounted a lot and tons of other things. I didn't take too much time looking at them all because I had Hunter with me and I needed to get back home to feed Grant. But, I did grab a bottle of Nature Made Folic Acid supplements (180 count) for $.75! No, I'm not pregnant, but the pills are good until 10/2012 and so I'll definitely use them by then. How could I pass that up - they're normally $9. Awesome! They had 5 bottles left, so if you need some Folic Acid, it might be worth a trip to Walgreens to just to get some.

And this picture has nothing to do with Walgreens, it's just pretty, so I though I'd add it. These are blooming in our front yard now, aren't they lovely?!

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