Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Spring Cleaning Day 2

Well, no cleaning happened today. And I'm perfectly fine with it. We got caught up on laundry this morning and the weather after naps was so beautiful, it was a sin to stay inside. But, tomorrow I plan on vacuuming (edges and all), dusting, vacuuming vents, vacuuming the couch (and spot cleaning one little stain), and cleaning the inside of the windows.

I'm not going to wash any pillows (just did that a couple months ago) or clean the blinds (our landlord will replace them when we move out, they're not that dirty and I HATE cleaning blinds). I'll tackle the outside of the windows sometime during the summer when I'm already playing outside with hoses and stuff.

It was great to take a break today. I didn't even have to cook dinner (or do dishes for that matter) thanks for KFC and Oprah. If you haven't printed your coupon for a free grilled KFC meal yet - go do it right now! www.unthinkfc.com The sight has been slammed, so it may be difficult, but you can print 4 coupons - that's a lot of free food!

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Lisa L said...

Thanks for the coupon tip Amber! I shared it with my married student children and my other college student. I love all your tips!! :)