Friday, May 8, 2009

Spring Cleaning Update

The last 2 days of Spring Cleaning focused on the kitchen. I only got 2 things accomplished on these days, but they were 2 very BIG things. I moved the stove and fridge away from the wall and cleaned everything along, under, around and on them and the walls they were hiding. It took several hours but I am SO happy it's done. I cannot tell you what a mental relief it is. Every time I dropped something down the side of the stove or fridge I'd look back there and think, "ugh, I have to clean this some day". Well that day has come and gone and it's great to have it done. It is so freeing to have one less thing bouncing around in the back of my head clambering for attention.

I didn't take pictures of the floor or wall behind the stove - but trust me, it was bad (yuck!). Here's a picture of before and after for the fridge:
The area behind / under the stove was even worse, if you can imagine that.
The next couple of days I'm planning on cleaning the rest of the kitchen - walls, floor, cupboards, drawers and pantry. It all needs to be done so bad - I must be a very messy cook! I do cook a lot, so maybe I'll blame it on the high volume of food that comes out of that kitchen and not my total spasticness :o)

I'm a little behind in the overall Spring Cleaning Blog Party plan, but I'll get it all done. And I'll feel GREAT when it's all done.

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