Friday, May 15, 2009

Shopping This Week

Despite going out of town tomorrow for a week, I had to get some grocery shopping in before we left. After the Kraft coupon bonanza earlier in the week, there were some sales that I just couldn't pass up.

I made a stop at Target where I got this:

for $39.03! Originally this would have cost me $93.36. Plus I got a $5 gift card to use later. Their shelves were really cleared out - there were out of a lot of things that I really wanted to get. There were a couple things that I should've asked for a rain check on, but it didn't occur to me until later (I'm still new to this whole bargain grocery shopping game).

I also stopped at Smith's were I got $28.81 worth of food for $12.44 (plus I have $3.75 in catalinas to use later. I got 6 bottles Kraft BBQ sauce, 5 pack Kraft Macaroni & Cheese, 1 pack Capri Sun, bag of shredded potatoes, Post Trail Mix Crunch cereal, and 2 whole chickens. No pictures - I was too tired and just wanted to get the food put away! Smith's has these great little shopping carts for kids and Hunter LOVES them!

And I went to Albertson's and was extremely disappointed because they were out of a lot of the promotional items. They NEVER seem to stock up for these sales - it's really frustrating. But, I did get $23.36 worth of food for $6.36 (and I have $3.99 coming back in a rebate) I got 2 packages of Philadelphia Cream Cheese, 6 tubs of Betty Crocker Frosting, and 1 bottle of Pert Plus shampoo (I'll try anything that's free after rebate, and this one's actually a money maker!)

Total out of pocket this week: $57.88, retail amount $145.53. Pretty good - I happy anytime I save more than I spend.

As fun as it is to do all of this great coupon shopping, it will be nice to forget about it for a week while we're on vacation - it's tiring!

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