Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The Days Are Just Packed

I love Calvin & Hobbes! I remember spending time with my siblings, each with our own book, laughing out loud and sharing the funny cartoon we had just read. We spent hours doing this. I have several of the books (including the one above) and look forward to my kids discovering the wonderfully imaginative and trouble making Calvin and his best friend.

As today wound down, the title of this book popped into my head. And while Calvin & Hobbes day's were indeed packed, they were filled with a completely different kind of busyness than mine was today.

Our day was packed with a walk to the library, grocery shopping, bathes, dishes, playing at the park, T-ball, books, movies, blogging, laundry, meals, a dentist appointment and spring cleaning (although not as much as I wanted). All this with Fred working about 18 hours today! We. Are. Exhausted.

Spring Cleaning definitely took a back seat today. I did get the living room vacuumed, baseboards cleaned and windows washed. I did not get around to the vents or the couch. I am still motivated to get our home thoroughly cleaned, but I refuse to set it as a higher priority to time with my kids and husband. Hunter did help me clean a little, but he is 3 and only can do so much.

I'm still going to plug along and try to get as much spring cleaning done as possible - especially the kitchen. But, I won't be disappointed if I don't get everything done that I had originally planned. Every little bit helps. I'm telling ya, my baseboards seem like they're glowing, they're so white (I had no idea how dirty they were!). That little thing, clean baseboards, makes such a difference. Our home instantly feels like a better place. Silly, I know, but that's what cleaning is all about - making you (and your guests) more comfortable in your home. I want to make my home a haven - A place where I, and our family, loves to be. Spring cleaning is just one part of this, the other part involves days packed full of fun, memory making (and sometimes exhausting) moments.

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