Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Netflix Rocks!

Okay, I know we're like a century behind the rest of the world, but we just signed up for Netflix. It's just a free 1 month trial and we probably won't be keeping it after that. So, we are determined to get our money's worth! :o) We waited until Fred was done with the LSAT so that we would be able to veg out as much as possible.

It has been so fun. We received our first movies today (we requested them Monday night) - that's less than 2 days handling time. What's the first movie we received? The Devil Wears Prada, which is being watched as I type. Which should give you a clue as to who requested it (not Amber) and who's watching it (not Amber). :o) Silly, silly.

And there are hundreds of movies and TV shows that you can stream on-line, in addition to the movies you get in the mail. We're going to try to watch the first 2 seasons of Heros (the 3rd is available on Hulu).

I have a feeling there's going to be a whole lotta nothing going on at our house during the next month. If you wanna get in on the vegging with us, we have another free month offer code I can send ya.

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Will said...

Hi Amber and Fred! I totally knew that you guys would be a blogging family. I've searched before but never found anything. Funny that you get so excited when you find grocery deals. Kristin's been one to post her findings before too. Don't be a stranger.