Tuesday, June 16, 2009

BYU Museum of Art

This weekend my sister and brother-in-law were in town from San Diego. Our original plan for Saturday was to spend it at Veteran's Memorial Pool. But, the thunderstorms derailed those plans, so we came up with a plan B and decided to got museum hopping on campus.

We started at the Museum of Art, which has a couple of really fun exhibits right now. The first is by Walter Wick - creator of the I Spy books (and other fun things too). We had such a great time looking at all of his work - finding all of the hidden stuff, trying to figure out the optical illusions etc. His work is so whimsical, enchanting and delightful - you feel like a kid again. Hunter was pretty entertained by it all too. He is a little young to fully appreciate it - but a lot of the paintings contained objects that he knew, so he had a fun time helping us find things too. This exhibit will be at the MOA until August 1st.

The second exhibit that we spent some time in is the Dan Steinhilber exhibit. He's a modern artist that creates sculptures out of everyday objects, like hangers, balloons, pipes, trash bags, and duck sauce packets. He had some pretty cool stuff. Our favorite was the packing peanuts with the floor fans - it looked really cool. Hunter loved it. The problem is that the fans don't blow all the time - there is a schedule posted on the wall that says when they're supposed to turn on. The girl in the gift shop told us to ask the guard to turn them on so we could see it and not wait around for the next time. Well, it turns out that my brother knew where the button was, so he turned them on for us. And then we got yelled at by the security guard - he was really grouchy - I doubt he would've turned it on for us even if we asked. When this happened it was only a couple minutes from when they were supposed to be on, so we hung around until that time. Well, the time came and went with no fans, so we moved on. Right as we were leaving the exhibit the guard walked back in, waited until we were gone and then turned on the fans. So mean! He was on a serious power trip. I tried to run back in with Hunter so he could see it, but the fans had already turned off. Aside from the obnoxious security guard, we thought the exhibit was pretty cool. This exhibit will be at the MOA until August 22nd.

I love going to the MOA because 1) it's Free! and 2) they always have great exhibits and I always have such a great time. If you're looking for a fun and cheap way to beat the heat (in our case, beat the rain) this summer, you should really check out these exhibits. Just watch out for grumpy security guards.

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