Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Blogging in Comfort

As I type this I am sitting in our recliner which is situated right in front of our desktop computer at the desk. Now, this came about because our old desk chair was the most uncomfortable chair ever made. I bought it 10 years ago, while I was in college, and my main requisite for every purchase was: it's cheap! On top of that it broke a little while ago and while we fixed it more or less (my hubby's handy!) the back is still a little crooked, which does nothing to help it's comfort factor.

Between blogging, facebook, coupon / deal blogs, TV shows, e-mail etc I've been spending a lot of time in that uber-uncomfortable chair.

One day I decided enough was a enough. I drug our recliner over to the desk, pulled the lever, placed the keyboard in my lap and was in heaven.

Yes, it looks bizarre to have a recliner pulled up to a desk. Yes, everyone who comes over questions us about it. And yes, it's a little weird. But, it sure beats forking over a couple hundred dollars to get a nice, comfortable office chair. It works for us.

I'm participating in Works for Me Wednesdays over at We are THAT Family.


mub said...

Haha, I love this idea!

Superchikk said...

I love that idea. My desk and chair always end up being a hand-me-down from Husband after he's gotten his PC Gaming use out of them. They are SO uncomfortable!

Sherry said...

I am soooo loving this idea!! :D

Jenna said...

Great idea, I have the most uncomfortable chair also, I just might have to do this.