Monday, June 8, 2009

Family Temple Outing

Yesterday, after naps and dinner, we went to the temple as a family to walk around. It was so wonderful. We are definitely going to make it a regular event for our family.

Speaking of temples, we need to get tickets to see the Oquirrh Mountain Temple. We had a great time going to the Draper, UT temple open house, although I wish Hunter had been a little more reverent. We'll work on it before going this next time. I know Hunter won't remember much about the Open House, but hopefully he will remember how he felt and all this exposure to temples will be the beginning of his testimony. We are so blessed to live near so many temples - I want to be sure to make the most of it while we're living here.


Lisa L said...

I think it's great you do this Amber despite the boys ages. Even if they don't remember you have pictures to show them and they will see how important this is to you as a family. I firmly believe that we need to give our kids every opportunity to feel the spirit and to know how important the gospel & it's principles are to us. We've made every effort we can to take our kids to any Temple Open House we could, every fireside or special program that we think would touch them.

Grandma Zimmerman said...

I love that you are near the temple and that you enjoy going. I wish I was closer (90 miles one way), but still I am greatful for even one that close. When I joined the church in 1975, the closest was in DC.