Monday, June 29, 2009

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen Review

Don't waste your time or money!

How's that for a short, to the point review? Really, I should be telling myself "I told you so!" I hate summer action movies and I thought the first Transformers was lame, so I don't know why I went to see the second one.

Here's the rational behind my decision to see this movie. We had free movie tickets and my husband and I were really wanting to get out of the house by ourselves, so we decided to use our freebies. There were only a few options that we were even considering. I checked out Entertainment Weekly to see what they rated everything and Transformers actually got a B! I thought, hey, maybe it won't be that bad. So, we decided to see it.

My confidence in, and a little of my love for Entertainment Weekly has been decreased. They haven't steered me wrong before and I am sorely disappointed in them.
If you do happen to like mindless action, over glorified CGI, explosions, gags geared toward pubescent boys, and contrived plots, then this movie's for you. If not, find a better way to spend your money.

A note to Michael Bay: We know you can make movies with endless CGI, explosions, sexy women etc. Why don't you man up and make a movie that is actually smart. Spend a little less money on CGI and TNT and buy yourself some good writers that will give you intelligent, intricate plots and 3 dimensional characters. Summer action movies do not have to be mind-less dribble, Dark Knight proved that. Please make better movies!

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