Monday, June 15, 2009

I heart Walgreens (6/15/09)

The late night / early morning employees at Walgreens and I are BFFs :o). They are so nice and are always so happy to see me. And I'm always happy to see them - my morning just isn't quite right when someone else is working. Which is not always the case - I know a lot of Walgreens employees who hate working Mondays (not Sundays, we're in Utah) because it brings in all of the coupon shoppers. There are some seriously deranged coupon shoppers out there who seem to think that anything they can do to get a deal is o.k. even if it is outright stealing. Like buying items, getting the Register Rewards, returning the items and keeping the RRs! That really happens - I can't believe some one would stoop that low. I think the Walgreens employees are happy to see me because I am courteous to them, I follow the rules, I keep my transactions small (in size and number), and I don't get greedy. Today, when my cashier handed me a $3 RR after I only spent $1.73 he told me that he's always happy to see me turn a profit. He's just that nice! I think I'll write a e-mail to Walgreens corporate office letting them know just how much I like these guys.

Anyways, here's what I got:

I spent $1.73, the total retail price of this is $16.05. Plus, I have $3 Register Rewards to use later. I had actually planned to get a couple more things, but after receiving our ad yesterday I realized that a lot of the sales weren't going on in our area - bummer! I need to stop planning my shopping trips based on the full ad scans on-line because we never get the full ad here.

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Together We Save said...

That is very nice. I have great CVS cashiers in my town and some good ones at Walgreens too.