Monday, June 1, 2009

Walgreens and Rite Aid Deals

This morning, at Walgreens, I got:

I paid $9.95. I will submit for a $6.99 rebate on the shampoo. So, this all cost me $2.96. Plus I got 2 $2 Register Rewards that I can use later. Regular price on all this is: $30.75.

Even if you don't really shop at Walgreens, you should head in this week. The Organix shampoo is buy one get one free and there are still a bunch that have try me free hangers. So, you could get 2 free bottles of shampoo or conditioner. We really like this shampoo and Fred was excited that I was able to snag some more.

I also got this at Rite Aid:

I paid $15.85. I will also get $15 back in rebates and a bag filled with $40 worth of samples through Rite Aid's single check rebate programs. So, this cost me $.85! Regular price on this is $37.96.

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