Monday, April 20, 2009

Walgreens April 20, 2009

Another great trip to Walgreens today! I usually head out early Monday morning so that I'm able to snag the deals before the shelves are cleared out, but I wasn't feeling too hot at 5 am this morning (I had to be back by 6am so that Fred could leave). So, I went at 11am. The upside to this was that I was able to browse some blogs and discover some unadvertised deals that people had found. The downside is that people had already cleared the shelves of several of the free items (not very nice, people!). But, I still did pretty good. I got all this for $9.35 out of pocket (I did use some RRs from previous weeks). Once I submit and receive a rebate on the esencia shampoo, I will have only paid $1.35! Pretty sweet, huh?!

I got home from the store and found the boys playing in the backyard. Hunter was showing off his T-ball skills while Grant was doing some serious grass eating. Check out my kids blog to see some cute videos of them. Since I had the camera outside with all my purchases I decided to just line them all up on the blanket and show off my killer deals. I do this to inspire others to get out there and hunt for deals too. It does take some time to research and there is a learning curve, but it you get the hang of it pretty quickly. I've only been shopping at Walgreens for a few weeks now, and I already feel totally confident and am scoring some great bargains. We don't have a CVS near us, but I hear that they're even better than Walgreens. If you wanna jump on board, just check out the money saving sites I have listed to the right - they do it all way better than I.

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