Friday, April 17, 2009

Something from Nothing Part II

I've posted previously here my various adventures in making useful things out of items that would normally be thrown away. Well, I have a new creation that I wanted to share.

The cabinet under our bathroom sink has always been a disaster area. Since we moved here, it has been one giant pile of stuff that you had to dig through whenever you needed something. I dreaded packing for trips because it meant digging out the whole cabinet to find the tiny bottles of shampoo that had fallen to the bottom of the pile. But, in recent weeks it became even worse. I've been scoring great deals on a number of things at Walgreens and Smith's recently and have been building quite a stockpile. This has made the cabinet even worse - it wouldn't even stay closed and we had to keep a bunch of things in our back room because they wouldn't fit under our sink.

I finally decided that the madness had to end and I came up with a great way to make an organizer. I used Silk Soy milk boxes (from Sam's Club) and the cartons. I of course washed them out with soap as soon as we emptied one. I used the boxes to makes shelves and the cartons to make drawers. The drawers slide out so nicely and everything fits in them pretty well - the exception is all the toothpaste (I bought a lot when it was a moneymaker at Walgreens). Behind the shelf are more items like boxes of Kleenex, bottles of shampoo and conditioner, lotion etc. They are so easy to get to by just pulling out the whole shelf. I also used a box on it's end to hold all of our bars of soap. I absolutely love it!

Every time I open the cabinet I just feel a sense of order and calm - it's wonderful. Organizing your home feels wonderful. Being thrifty and resourceful feels wonderful. Combined, the feeling is out of this world.

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Lisa L said...

Good for you Amber!!! I feel the same way when I've been resourceful and organized.