Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Activities for Hunter

My son, Hunter, is a huge ball of energy all the time. He really struggles with sitting down and doing something structured for more than 5 minutes. I'm trying to slowly acclimate him to longer and longer periods of time spent in structured activities. Before my hospital stay during my last pregnancy, we had a letter of the week and did activities and crafts that centered on that letter. It was a lot of fun. But, after the hospital stay and the very long and heavily medicated pregnancy we got out of the habit of doing it. I never had completed the "curriculum" and so, even though I wanted to just start over again, it was hard to do without a plan. I am in the process of finishing the "curriculum" and so hopefully soon, we'll be able to pick up again with the letter of the week.

In the meantime, I've created a few activities for us to do. I created flash cards with colors, shapes and numbers. The main point of the flash cards is for Hunter to start learning to recognize words. I made them out of index cards. They can be used for a matching game, or later on, as a memory game. I haven't given them a test run yet, but hopefully I'll be able to get Hunter to sit down at least for a few minutes at a time and play with them.

The other thing that I made for Hunter is a car ride scavenger hunt. Hunter has always been an absolute angel in the car - we've never had any problems with whining or crying etc. But, I thought that it would be good to give him something to do - a good mental workout for him. I plan to laminate it so that it lasts through more than one car ride.

We'll see how they work out. If you're interested in all of the things that I have planned for the Letter of the Week, let me know. I've put quite a bit of work into finding activities and crafts for all the letters and would love to share them with you (once I finally finish it),

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Claytie and Suzie said...

Cute ideas! Hunter's a lucky kid!