Wednesday, July 8, 2009

My Child or My Twin?

This weekend we were at my Grandparents cabin in Southern Utah. My grandmother had found some old baby pictures of mine and passed them on to me. When we showed them to Hunter and asked who was in the picutre, he replied "Hunter" (he usually refers to himself in the 3rd person). Every picutre of me that we showed him he insisted that it was he in the picture and not me.

We did look a lot a like - the chubby, rosy cheeks and the long dark hair. When Hunter was a newborn, we looked at my baby picutres and Fred was sure that he wouldn't have been able to tell the two of us apart. So, this either means that I looked like a boy, or Hunter looks like a girl :o) Either way, and thankfully, Hunter is looking less like me (a girl) and more like a little boy.


Lisa L said...

I think he is most definitely your twin!!! How fun!!

Lanette said...

How cute! Ypu really could be twins, but no worries--you definitely don't look like a boy, and he definitely does. :)